The Combination Package


TENS Unit rental available.

Rebozo certified.

Includes: The Birth Package, Just the Beginning Package, and an Overnight Block.

- The one hour consultation: We will discuss your goals, options, and ideas for a positive birth experience. We can create a birth plan tailored to your needs.

- Two additional prenatal meetings at an hour each: We can discuss further any changes or additions to your birth plan. We will go over coping measures, position during labor and birth, postpartum plans, and more! We can help your partner in providing the support you may need during the beginning stages of labor. This is our time to help you best achieve the birth outcome you prefer.

- Continuous phone call, text, and email support from sign up to six weeks postpartum!

- Birth support: You will have continuous support throughout your labor experience. We will apply the strategies discussed and try to achieve your birth plan as best as possible. Do not feel under pressure if your labor takes long. You will have the support from beginning to even an hour or two after birth as you need! I can help assist you in settling with the baby prior to my departure at your birthing location. Breastfeeding support is available. This is a very special time and will be treated as such!

- Two postpartum visits at two hour blocks, three postpartum visits at three hour blocks, and an overnight block: This is a great way to reflect on your birth experience and help you transition to parenthood. This is where we will apply your postpartum plan and any additional support you may need. This is a time for healing, addressing any concerns and/or needs you or baby may have, and provide any resources or referrals you may need. The two hour visits will take place in your first two weeks after the birth and the three hour visits will be between week three and week six after the birth. The overnight block can take place within the first six weeks after the birth. This is a great opportunity to have a peaceful rest with no worries.

- A special written memento of your birth experience for a nice way to remanence. This is a wonderful way for your baby to read about their journey into the world after the womb.

This is your journey and we're in this together!