I would HIGHLY recommend using Rosie for labor and delivery/postpartum. I personally used her as a postpartum doula and when she walked in the house, she brought a sense of peace and calm with her. She kept my 2 year old entertained while she supported me in my nursing adventure with my 6 week old. Not only did I feel tremendously emotionally supported, but her dry sense of humor lifted my spirits as well. Once she left, my house was cleaner, my toddler happy, my newborn sleeping, and this momma felt fantastic. While I didn’t use her for labor and delivery, I can imagine that her calm and peaceful demeanor would be amazing during the birthing process. She is someone who I would trust to be on my team and in the room during birth for sure! Also, this is random but she has the most peaceful voice!
— Kaitlin B. of Sussex County, NJ
Making Rosie an integral part of our baby’s delivery was a fantastic experience! After my first all-natural delivery, I thought I knew all I needed to know for birth #2. Still, Rosie met with us and helped us plan out the delivery. During labor, she helped me keep my “eyes on the prize” and work with the contractions instead of against them. Her companionship, advocacy, and support were invaluable! Afterward, she sent us a beautiful narrative of our birth experience, something I never would have had the time to write. Rosie was also a huge help as we adjusted to life with “two under 2.” I would heartily recommend Rosie to all expectant moms!
— Courtney M. of Ocean County, NJ
Rosalia was truly a blessing to myself and family before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. Rosie and I made a detailed birth plan, covering everything from pain management to vaccinations. We found what was right for myself and my baby. Unfortunately, the plan completely changed when I had to have an emergency induction at 37 weeks. When I let Rosie know the plan had changed and I was having my baby that day, she dropped everything and came right to the hospital and didn’t leave my side until after the birth. When Rosie arrived at the hospital, we drew up a new birth plan and she did everything possible to help me achieve it. She was my voice when I could not communicate for myself. I would not have had a happy and safe labor, delivery, and postpartum experience if it was not for Rosalia Tisch!
— Jade C. of Ocean County, NJ